Sprint Filter P08 (スプリントフィルター) SM11S ハイパフォーマンス エアフィルター




Ducati 916 ('94-)
Ducati 996 ('94-)
Ducati 998 ('94-)
Ducati 999 ('03-'07)

SPRINT FILTER air filters in P08 introduces an innovative concept: the membrane filter made of a woven wire 5 micron polyester. To date, filters sporting the solution was to use cotton soaked in oil, with SPRINT FILTER P08 technology takes a leap forward


The bikes are usually equipped with standard paper filters (excellent filtering air passage but lacking ), while for the filter sports the usual solution was to use cotton soaked in oil: with SPRINT FILTER P08 technology takes a leap forward through the use of a membrane filter made of a fabric of wires or 5 micron polyester , which filters in a homogeneous (80 micron mesh) to the entire surface of the filter. This plot, which is extremely permeable but solid, is not affected either by folding in the construction phase, nor by the pressure difference that is created upstream / downstream during operation, nor by the maintenance.
The filter cotton presents a plot dependent overlap and the number of layers used. The cotton also tends to deform during all the phases described above and consequently it will have in areas with filtration value and other high value with mediocre. All this, besides securing the P08 a percentage of particle retention significant higher cotton, cotton filters determines in a non-homogeneous flow. Not least, it should be noted that the power for retaining the smaller particles tends to decrease very quickly, since the oil in the filter is soaked in cotton is inexorably aspirated during operation of the engine.
P08 filter ensures a very high air passage (5000 l-m. / sec.) can not be reached from either cotton filters (between 3500 and 4500 l. - m. / sec. depending on the number of layers used) nor by paper filters (max. 1000 l. - m. / sec.). Moreover, by virtue of the uniform distribution of the air passages, ensures a constant air flow and turbulence in the whole section of the filter, thus ensuring the perfect functionality of the air box. Bench tests have confirmed the importance of a laminar flow "clean": a 1000 without remapping of the ECU has provided 2.5 hp more at half of the power curve, in the area that is able to ensure a more "full" accelerator.

1. INNOVATIVE MATERIAL : Sprint Filter with P08 has misinterpreted the concept of special air filter.
No more materials that tend to sfibrarsi (cotton) or with sharp drops
in pressure (sponge), but an innovative material that allows
a constant flow of air and calibrated.
2. P08 E 'ETERNAL : P08, if maintained properly, will last for the life of the bike
and will no longer be necessary to replace the original air filter
3. POWER : P08 Sprint Filter is the filter that gives the best performance on each bike.
lot of results The test bench show that P08 is the best
solution to get the right amount of air in a consistent manner.
This is achieved thanks to the optimization of surfaces of
each Sprint Filter air filter that operates on every original air box.
Consequently the maximum attainable surface: more air, more power,
more filtration
4. Experienced in RACE : P08 was born in competitions. World Championships MotoGP Moto 3, Superbike,
Supersport, Superstock is constantly being used. Are still
tested new solutions looking for maximum filtration and
minimal loss of power.
5. AIR SOLE : P08 is an air filter totally different from others. There is in the world
a filter built with this patented technology. A membrane
filter made ​​of a fabric of polyester threads from ø 5 micron.
Moreover, the filtration surface area appears to be double compared to any
other special filter.
6. ZERO MAINTENANCE : P08 is a filter that includes a maintenance practically nothing.
Simply remove it from its seat, blow it with compressed air from the
engine side out and push it back in the airbox.
washes or treatments do not need to retain oily dust.
7. FUEL ECONOMY : The leaning of the air / fuel mixture allows the
ECU to readjust the right ratio
stoichiometric. It follows that, for the same performance,
the air filter Sprint Filter P08 allows to consume
less fuel
8. ONLY THE BEST RAW MATERIALS : We use only the best raw materials. The polyurethane that we use
for plastic substrates can not be compared to anyone else and has
mechanical skills out of the ordinary. For some racing applications, we use only the best carbon that is treated in an autoclave