Puig(プーチ) ウィンドシールド Wave, ダークスモーク | 2177F

Equip your bike with a personal touch with the Wave headlight for Puig round headlamp. Manufactured in polycarbonate and following the Puig Street Screens aesthetic line, you will achieve an aerodynamic improvement and additional protection for your motorcycle.The Wave fairing is a universal part suitable for most motorcycles with a round headlight on the market. In case of not being adaptable to your motorcycle, Puig provides a special assembly kit for some models. This fairing has two attachment points to ensure the perfect fit to the vehicle and is served along with very visual assembly instructions to be able to enjoy the new fairing in a few minutes. The Wave warhead is a product certified by the German T?V and has ABE approval 38188.

2 fixing points

ABE 38188