SW-MOTECH TRAX ADV シルバー アルミパニアシステム BMW F850GS/F750GS


BMW F850GS/F750GS TRAX ADVパニアシステム

PROサイドキャリアとTRAX ADVENTURE アルミパニアケース(左45L,右37L)のセット。


  • オフロード走行などハードな走行にも対応
  • 左右幅をなるべく抑えるために、車体に寄せた位置にボックスを固定します。
  • 他メーカーのパニアケースと併用が可能です。
  • 最大左右幅 (パニア本体を除く): 530 mm

TRAX ADV アルミパニアケースの詳細

  • リッドに特殊ヒンジを採用し一定の開度で止まるほか、リッドを完全に取り外すことも可能
  • リベット箇所を少なくし、サイドに設けたX型のリブ構造による強固な造り
  • 防水仕様 (シーリングラバーの交換が可能)
  • テントの積載やバッグ(オプション)の取付が可能なベルト用金具
  • 素材:アルミニウム(板厚1.5ミリ)
  • サイズ:
    M(37L) 49 x 23 x 37 cm
    L(45L) 49 x 28 x 37 cm
  • ケース重量:
    M(37L) 5.1Kg
    L(45L) 5.4Kg


  • TRAX ADV アルミサイドケース(左45リッター、右(マフラー側)37リッター, アルマイトシルバー)
  • PROサイドキャリア
  • TRAX ADVアルミパニアケース装着用アダプター
  • キーシリンダー×6、キー×2
  • サイドケースホルダーロック
  • その他取付部品


TRAX ADVトップケース以外のトップケースとの組み合わせについては、確認を取っておりません(推奨外)
トップ、サイドのケース3点構成をご希望のお客様は、このパニアシステムに加え、TRAX ADVトップケース、リアキャリア、マウントアダプターをご購入ください。

TRAX ADV Aluminum Pannier System (silver) for BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS (18-)

The tough TRAX ADV aluminum cases accept any challenge: Embossed designs add to the stability of the welded aluminum walls with a strength of 1.5 millimeters. The removable lid with anodized aluminum carrying handle and quick release fastener allows easy loading and unloading of the waterproof motorcycle cases. A lateral chamfer on the outer case edge provides ground clearance while cornering. With TRAX ADV aluminum pannier system you are ready for adventure. The complete system consists of the following components: TRAX ADV side cases, PRO carriers, adapters and lock cylinder set at an attractive price. Carrier and case configuration have been carefully selected to complement the motorcycle models tail geometry and exhaust system.

Features PRO carrier:

  • Removable side carrier
  • To mount and demount within seconds at barely visible fixing lugs, due to quick fasteners
  • Made of oval tube, carefully constructed position close to the motorcycle
  • Can be adapted to hold cases from different brands
  • Highly functional and firm tubular steel construction
  • Sturdy steel tube, black powder-coated surface
  • Rear width with mounted side carriers (without cases): 530 mm

Features TRAX ADV Side Case:

  • Tough and waterproof aluminum side case
  • Outer chamfer for best ground clearance while cornering
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic corners
  • Embossed designs and welded body provide high stability
  • Robot welding and punch riveting prevent moisture ingress
  • Cases are anodized (silver design) or powder-coated (black design) against oxidation and abrasion
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Completely removable lid with quick release fastener
  • 4 tie-down points, integrated into the lid corners (e.g. for tent or expansion bag)
  • Stainless steel latches, anodized aluminum handles
  • Pre-installed mounting rails also serve as a strengthening frame
  • Exchangeable sealing gasket
  • Easy mounting on all EVO carriers
  • Adaptation kits for mounting on carriers from other brands available
  • Available in two sizes and two colours
  • Capacity: TRAX ADV L: 45 l / TRAX ADV M: 37 l
  • Dimensions: 49 x 28 x 37 cm / 49 x 23 x 37 cm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg / 5.1 kg
  • Material: aluminum (wall strength 1.5 mm)
  • Colour: black, powder-coated interior and exterior or silver, anodized interior and exterior


  • TRAX ADV L, side case, 45 l, left, silver
  • TRAX ADV M, side case, 37 l, right, silver
  • PRO carrier for BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS (18-)
  • Adaptation kit
  • Lid limiter
  • Lock cylinder set: 6 locks / 2 keys
  • Anti-theft device
  • Multitool key chain
  • Carrying bag
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions


  • Compatible with ADVENTURE-RACK and TRAX ADV topcase engineered by SW-MOTECH