SW-MOTECH PROサイドキャリア KTM 790 Adventure


PRO side carrier for KTM 790 Adventure / R (19-)

Even more robust, even more adventurous - still detachable: with the introduction of the first removable carrier for motorbike cases, we have set an example in the accessories market. The PRO side carrier is the new generation and many offroad fans are enthusiastic about it. We manufacture the extremely resilient PRO side carrier from 2.5-mm thick steel, bike-specific and adapted to the KTM 790 Adventure / R.

The PRO side carrier gives side cases by SW-MOTECH, Givi/Kappa, Hepco & Becker, Krauser and Shad as well as the SysBag 15 and SysBag 30 a secure hold - the matching adapter kits are available separately.

The PRO side carrier's numerous functional drill holes enable the mounting of RotopaX canisters and other accessories. Adapter kits for attaching cases from Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and Shad are also available. We continue to rely on the popular QUICK-LOCK quick-release fasteners, which were also revised as part of the new development. As usual, the quick-release fasteners can be loosened by a quarter turn with a flat-head screwdriver or our multitool. In no time at all, the carrier can be completely removed and only discreet mounts stay on the bike.

For permanently mounting the PRO side carrier on your bike, we now offer a redesigned quick-release fastener. A special mounting kit is no longer required, but the PRO side carrier can now be screwed tightly with cheaper, standard parts (M8). An appropriate screw kit (M8) is available separately from us.


  • Extremely durable due to its optimized shape and 2.5 mm thick steel
  • Perfect fit, designed to fit close to the bike
  • Fully removable with newly developed, even more robust quick-release fasteners
  • Optional anti-theft protection available
  • For permanent mounting, quick-release fasteners can be replaced with standard parts (M8)
  • Numerous functional bores, compatible with the RotopaX system among others
  • Simple assembly at the original mounting points
  • Powerful corrosion protection thanks to powder coating
  • Secure hold for TRAX and AERO side case and S 15 and SysBag 30
  • Adapter kits for attaching cases from Givi/Kappa, Krauser and Shad are also available
  • Material: Steel
  • Farbe: Black
  • Oberfläche: Powder coated


  • Separately available adapter kits for aluminum cases by SW-MOTECH and other manufacturers, AERO ABS side case and SysBag 15 or SysBag 30 with adapter plate required.
  • If you don't want to remove the PRO side carrier, but prefer to screw it on tightly, we recommend the optional screw kit (M8).

Included in delivery

  • 2 PRO side carriers
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions


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