AltRider スキッドプレート KTM 790 Adventure/R


AltRider Skid Plate for the KTM 790 Adventure / R

The AltRider skid plate is laser cut from aluminum with an anodized finish that is not only good-looking but also extremely resistant to weathering. The intelligent design features large radius corners and flared edges to provide absolute coverage for the motor while maintaining exceptional strength. The skid plate also provides coverage for the side stand mount -- eliminating the need for a side stand relocation kit. Special consideration was made to preserve the impressive ground clearance.

The front of the skid plate mounts via stainless steel brackets that utilize OEM mounting points. The rear mount is unique to AltRider as we transitioned the mounting system to the 3/16 (4.76 mm) aluminum. This eliminates heavy steel brackets. With our design being the only one to provide anti-clocking engagement points at the rear; what this means in terms of protection is this design will resist rearward energy by interfacing the frame centerstand stops. The centerstand mounts are the strongest locations on the frame, originally engineered to take massive loads. Prevent the plate from rotating rearward is critical, without ANTI-CLOCKING the rock impacts will push the skid plate back and up into the motorcycle causing damage. AltRider created the only design on the market to prevent this with the anti-clocking mounts.


  • AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Anodized aluminum protects front and bottom of motor from trail debris
  • Front and rear mounts provide superior strength
  • Fits both the Adventure and Adventure R
  • Available in silver or black

取付説明書(英語) (KT79_-X-1200_KTM_790_Adventure_Skid_Plate_instructions_REV_1.2.pdf, 1,315 Kb) [ダウンロード]